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Inform Focus: Transformation


UKAuthority has worked on a number of reports and briefing notes from our virtual round tables with its long-term research partner, Nutanix on the theme of transformation. Catch up with the research stream here...

The path to integrated health and social care
The integration of health and social care has crept up the political agenda in recent years, with a recognition that digital technology and data will play key roles in making it a reality. Here we explore the priorities for technology, data, funding and structures... .
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The prospects for wider cross-sector public services
The pandemic prompted a surge in cross-sector initiatives as organisations collaborated to protect vulnerable people and manage the response. Here senior digital leaders explore how technology and a changing mindset is overcoming the traditional barriers to collaborative working...
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New demands in public sector digital transformation
The next challenges and opportunities in the public sector’s digital transformation come under the spotlight. From reduced budgets, the increasing pressure to deliver more for less to addressing sustainability and ensuring digital inclusion, public sector leaders share views on what might lie ahead… 
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New approach, new language for cloud migration
While ‘cloud first’ and ‘hybrid cloud’ have dominated the conversation over recent years, there are now signs of a shift towards ‘multi-cloud’ as the prime approach. Here, public sector digital leaders share their experience of cloud migrations during the pandemic and explore which factors are going to be crucial in a multi-cloud future...
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Digital positives from the pandemic
The public sector has all sorts of opportunities opening up to it to create a more positive, digitally enabled future. But where should it begin? Earlier this year we held a UKA Live discussion and produced a report that outlined some of the options...
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Clouds clear over uncertainty
Cloud services are a major fixture of its digital estate. But there are uncertainties about the future landscape, in terms of the demands on public services and the legal complexity around the management of personal data and its location. Here, we investigate how public authorities need to approach cloud in the coming years…
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A digital silver lining on the Covid-19 cloud
Covid powerfully showed the necessity of digital and data to operate and deliver our health and public services - as well as highlighting the need to share vital data between traditional public sector silos. Moving forward what can we take from this and is it time to unleash the data held in systems - old and new - to deliver informed decisions at the time and place of need?
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Nutanix has a long history of enabling organisations in the Health, Public and Higher Education Sectors to deliver cutting edge digital services through the adoption of a robust and scalable, multi-cloud strategy. 
Click here to visit the Nutanix website or you can request contact from Andrew Puddephatt, Nutanix's UK director for the public sector, here 

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