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Technology and the prospects for cross-sector public services



The new UKAuthority and Nutanix briefing paper covers the outlook for increased collaboration in response to the pandemic

Some believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has provided a tipping point for the UK public sector. Organisations from different service areas – local government, healthcare, policing, education – have worked together in the past, but this often came with a sense that they were going beyond regular responsibilities.

The pandemic, however, prompted a surge in cross-sector initiatives as organisations collaborated to protect vulnerable people and manage the response, and has fuelled the sense that there has been a change in mindset that will make this the norm.

Digital technology has played a major role in the change, with an explosion of remote working and a big increase in data sharing across sectors, and digital teams have achieved a new stature in many organisations.

They are going to have a strong influence on policy as well as technology decisions, reinforcing the new mindset and facilitating the change post-Covid.

UKAuthority, in partnership with Nutanix, brought together a group of senior digital leaders from local government, the NHS and the third sector in an in-depth discussion that highlighted the positive and negative elements of the outlook.

The key points from the discussion have been summed up in a briefing paper. It highlights the ambitions and the challenges, some of which are more about policy than technology, and all of which provide priorities for public sector organisations.

You can download the paper by completing the above form.

UKAuthority has worked on a number of reports and briefing notes from our virtual round tables with its long-term research partner, Nutanix on the theme of transformation. Catch up with the research stream here

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The prospects for wider cross-sector public services

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