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Cloud for coping with uncertainty in public services


Mark Say Managing Editor


UKA Inform white paper examines the case for ‘cloud as appropriate’

Download the UKAuthority & Nutanix white paper: Clouds clear over uncertainty

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Cloud services have proved an immense value to the public sector in its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and they are established as a major fixture of its digital estate.

But there are uncertainties about the future landscape, in terms of the demands on public services and the legal complexity around the management of personal data and its location. The unresolved issue of ‘data adequacy’ with the EU, the breakdown of the Privacy Shield scheme and the rights of US law enforcement agencies to obtain data held by US companies are all raising uncertainties over the future use of cloud services.

This is leading more public sector bodies to think in terms of ‘cloud as appropriate’, managing a hybrid cloud model that continually changes shape, with shifts in the emphasis between public and private and a use of on-premise facilities when appropriate.

UKAuthority, in partnership with Nutanix, has investigated the issue in detail and produced a white paper, 'Cloud for coping with uncertainty in public services'. It is based and a series of discussions with digital and service leaders in the sector and reports of major cloud initiatives in UK public services, and outlines the major factors and perspectives on how public authorities need to approach the issue in the coming years.

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clouds clear over datacentre

Image: iStock-Дмитрий Ларичев

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