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Catch up: Data4Good 2020

Wednesday 14 October

UKAuthority's Data4Good summit explored how the public sector has harnessed data in the Covid response; and what together this means for data sharing across the public sector in our 'new normal'.

With thanks to our specialist partner ANS for supporting this UKAuthority event

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Time stamps below the videos indicate the start of each presentation or discussion panel. There are also links to speaker slides where these are available.

Session One - Wednesday, 14 October

  • 00:38: Simplifying IG - Dawn Monaghan, Head of information Governance Policy, NHSX
    NHSX are drafting a new Data Strategy post COVID which has eight outcomes one of which is the simplification of IG. Dawn Monaghan's session covers what the aims are and what they intend to put in place to ensure that simplicity. It trails the new IG Portal and the Red Tape Challenge (Download slides
  • 22:50: The framework National Data Strategy - over to you! - Gaia Marcus, Head of National Data Strategy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)
    DCMS has recently launched a National Data Strategy. The strategy is ambitious and pro-growth, placing the availability of data and confidence in its use at its heart. Gaia Marcus's session provides an overview of the strategy, what DCMS are doing next, and seeks input and questions from the floor (Download slides)
  • 37:50: Q&A with Ross Milhench - Andy Barrow, Chief Technology Officer, ANS, and Ross Milhench, ICT Strategic Business Partner, Manchester City Council
    Andy Barrow talks to Ross Milhench about how data is being used to support Covid-19 track and trace activities as well as how Manchester City Council is transforming adult social care by passing data from hospital systems to improve the patient discharge process. Ross also outlines how the council is overcoming the challenges caused by numerous disparate systems across the health and social care system, both in terms of viewing data and contributing to a shared care plan and how they plan to move forward with shared care records that enable residents to have access to their own health record 
  • 56:05: GDS' Digital and Data Covid Response - Liz Lutgendorff, Senior Research Analyst, Government Digital Service (GDS)
    Liz Lutgendorff's session looks at the years of investment into data and digital capability in GDS shaped the way it was able to respond to Covid-19, using data to drive decision making and service delivery (Download slides
  • 01:12:50: Q&A / panel discussion 

Session Two - Thursday, 15 October

  • 00:52: Integrating data – the ambition and the pitfalls - Sarah Henry, Director - Methods. Data. Research., Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    Integrating data from different sources has always been an ambition and there’s nothing like a global pandemic to rally many people round the cause. Sarah Henry's presentation showcases the work in ONS, explain why the task is quite complicated and why it really is worth the effort (Download slides
  • 15:33: Data Processing Service Developments and our Covid-19 Response - Graham Spearing, Data Services Alliance Product Lead, NHS Digital
    Graham Spearing gives a summary of the developing Data Processing Service at NHS Digital, also looking ahead at the key developments over the next six months. The session also provides  a high level summary of some of NHS Digital’s work in response to Covid-19  (Download slides)
  • 32:03: Using data to deliver more, and faster - Emma Presley Abbott, Head of Data Science, Universal Credit, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
    Emma Presley Abbott shares three case studies - all using data within Universal Credit. She talks about investment in frameworks and standardisation, the use of trialling to support decision making, and improving processes with human in the loop automation (Download slides
  • 47:31: Responsible use of location data - Ben Hawes, Engagement Director, Benchmark Initiative: Ben Hawes outlines lessons learned from one year of the Benchmark Initiative on ethical use of location data (Download slides
  • 58:37: Q&A / panel discussion 

Session Three - Friday 16, October

  • 01:22: Growing public sector data science capability - Tom Smith, Director, Data Science Campus, ONS
    Tom Smith talks about building data science capability, the cross government data sharing partnership and the work going on to share skills across the wider public sector (Download slides
  • 22:30: Public services augmented by algorithm, what could go wrong? - Bill Mitchell, Director of Policy, BCS
    Algorithms in the public sector always work just as they should don’t they? Bill Mitchell signposts some of the most notable examples of how algorithms have been used to support government policy priorities since COVID-19, why they didn’t work out quite as well as they were supposed to, and what could be done to ensure such unintended consequences are avoided next time (Download slides
  • 41:28: Enabling Data Sharing in London - Jay Saggar, Data Projects Manager, London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI)
    Jay Saggar outlines the work LOTI is doing to support data sharing between local organisations (Download slides
  • 01:01:30: Q&A / panel discussion 

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