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2023 Catch Up

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Finding a route to smart places

More than 170 delegates took part in this three day online event on how digital technologies and data can empower communities to connect and communicate as they build a smart future together: catch up on the presentations below.

Session One - Wednesday, 21 June 2023

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00:01:34 Securing the UK's Connected Places: Why Cyber Security Matters - Andrew Elliot, Deputy Director for Cyber Security, Innovations and Skills, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
A look at the cyber risk inherent in smart cities / places  and outlining  the key foundations to mitigating this. (Download slides)

00:10:10 Smarter London - Eddie Copeland, Director, London Office of Technology and Innovation
Working with data across the capital - using smart city tools and approaches to improve services and create a better, more inclusive city. (Download slides)

00:21:39 How Citizen Engagement Creates Sustainable Communities with Location-Based Data - Anna Broberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-founder, Maptionnaire and James Perrineau, Sales Manager, Maptionnaire
How can cities deploy citizen engagement at scale while ensuring the inclusion of diverse groups, combining digital approaches with co-creation, and avoiding the digital divide? City planners and local governments often lack usable and scalable tools for reaching broader groups of participants. Without these tools, participation can turn into a small elitist activity. Also, the quality and utilisation of the knowledge produced during these consultations are problematic: the collected data remains invisible and systematic analysis is often not realised.
This talk introduces digital citizen engagement and its potential to amplify social sustainability by ensuring broader outreach and, at the same time, targeting specific groups, especially the youth. This type of digital engagement innovated by Maptionnaire generates actual GIS data that is easy to analyse and combine with other datasets. This location-based approach accelerates the impact of citizen knowledge on planning and policymaking. (Download slides)

00:32:34 Utilising Maptionnaire for Pupil Engagement - Sarah King, Curriculum Achievement Officer, Cardiff Council
The City of Cardiff will share their application of Maptionnaire for engaging the youth and better understanding how locals perceive their living environments. The session will cover: 

  • The need for a new engagement platform
  • The Local Development Plan project
  • Choice of a Lifetime project
  • Data gathered
  • The impact and next steps. (Download slides)

00:47:20 Q&A and panel discussion - all speakers

Session Two - Thursday, 22 June 2023

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00:02:21 Progress from pilots to business as usual - Dr Colin Birchenall, Chief Digital Officer, Glasgow City Council and Chief Technology Officer, Digital Office for Scottish Local Government
An update on connected smart places across local government in Scotland as innovation becomes embedded into business as usual. (Download slides)

00:19:34 Harnessing Innovation for a Better Public Transport System -Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation and Technology, Greater Cambridge Partnership
How the Greater Cambridge Partnership is harnessing innovation to deliver a better transport system. The session will cover how data is being harnessed to better understand, plan and manage transport, how new technologies such as automated vehicles are being deployed and our approach to using the city as test bed. (Download slides)

00:32:12 Communities Reimagined - Stu Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT, Sustainability Ambassador, Cisco
An update on the rapidly changing landscape of smart places in the UK and exploring the potential for towns and cities to deliver more connected communities and  better services to everyone, no matter where they live or their current circumstances. (Download slides)

00:44:43 Implementing a people-centred Smart Cities strategy at local level - Sherelle Fairweather, Digital Strategy Lead, Manchester City Council
An overview of the approach Manchester City Council is taking to drive the delivery of its ambitious, city-wide, 5-year Digital Strategy - for its people, place and future. (Download slides)

00:55:00 Network Services 3 and IOT & Smart CitiesPeter Takacs, Network Services Commercial Lead, Crown Commercial Service
An overview of Crown Commercial Service's NS3, timelines, IoT and Smart Cities (new Lot). (Download slides)

01:04:58 Q&A and panel discussion - all speakers

Session Three - Friday, 23 June 2023

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00:01:35 Sunderland Smart City: From Strategy to Reality - Liz St Louis, Director of Smart Cities, Sunderland City Council 
Sunderland’s smart city journey began four years ago and this session will cover progress to date and the many and varied digital and data solutions now transforming the cityscape for those that live, work and visit Sunderland. (Download slides)

00:13:57 How collaboration can harness place-based innovation - Georgina Maratheftis, Associate Director, Local Public Services, techUK
How to break down the barriers between buyers and suppliers and create the conditions for innovation and collaboration to thrive.
(Download slides)

00:21:00 South London Partnership - Rebekah Brown, IoT Project Delivery Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston
An update on smart progress with the South London Partnership and in particular looking at the security implications of delivering smart places. (Download slides)

00:30:21 Smarter, inclusive, London - Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London, Greater London Authority
Digital inclusion is essential to both bridge the digital divide and deliver smart services.

00:43:40 Q&A and panel discussion - all speakers



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