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Beyond carbon negative


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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Carbon negative is not enough: Microsoft intends to remove all the carbon it has released since its inception in 1975 from the atmosphere by 2050.

Meanwhile, cloud computing is 93% more energy efficient and 98% more carbon efficient than traditional data centres says Ellen Wilson, sustainability lead for local and regional government at Microsoft UK. Practising what it preaches, mobile and flexible working is the norm at the company, and plans are afoot to move all fleets to electric and source all energy from green energy suppliers. 

Follow Ellen on LinkedIn: and Twitter: @ellenmaike@MicrosoftUK

And check out the underwater data centre, Project Natick, and local inhabitants:  

UKAuthority is taking this conversation further with the How Green is our Digital event at the Microsoft Reactor in London on 24 February. Register below to join the discussion on the quick wins and challenges of putting sustainability at the heart of digital transformation and efficiency in our public services. 


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