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Why does the Internet of Things matter to local authority leaders?


By Steve Dunbar, IoT Commercial Lead, Microsoft UK

The Internet of Things will power a new era of innovation that gives authorities new opportunities to re-imagine their future. It will enable them to connect devices and line-of-business assets in their buildings, utility facilities, transport systems and on the street, gain new insights from data and leverage cloud services to unlock transformational and cost saving new scenarios.

Authorities are under increasing pressure as we move into 2015 - citizens expect ever more from their leaders whilst an aging population, rapid urbanisation, modernisation mandates and economic austerity can pull priorities in different directions.

Informed innovation on the scale offered by the Internet of Things, however, can at first sight look like an impossible dream. But the building blocks to unleashing this power exist in the majority of local authorities across the UK.

The Internet of Things starts with your things

Small steps can make a big impact. The Internet of Things starts by building on the infrastructure you already have in place, using devices, line-of-business assets and services in new ways, and incorporating the right technology to ultimately help you make more informed decisions than previously possible. Tap into the cloud for better scale and management. Lean on partners you know and trust. Turn your data into insights, and those insights into results.

Install and connect sensors in buildings to track heaters, air conditioners, fans and lights so that you can reduce energy consumption through better diagnostics and improve worker productivity with remote monitoring and maintenance. Connect law enforcement and first responder systems across traditional boundaries through a unified data platform to enable faster and more focused emergency response. Implement a smart grids solution to optimise waste management with rich data insights.

The Internet of Things starts with identifying a few areas that matter most to your community - a few key improvements can make a big difference; that one piece of data could provide immense value to service delivery and your citizens.

Microsoft and its partners have the technology and the experience to transform your town, city or region —right now— by building on your existing investments to easily create one truly flexible, intelligent system that unleashes the potential of the Internet of Things.

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