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Video: Chris Chant says it still isn’t good enough



Watch the recording of the former G-Cloud's chief's 'Unacceptable 2' speech

Chris Chant was always more ready than most government officials to stick his neck out over what he thought was wrong with its performance, and three years after leaving the Cabinet Office digital team the former G-Cloud programme director can still rattle cages.

A few days ago he renewed his criticisms with a speech at the THINK Cloud for Government 2015 event. It has been labelled Unacceptable 2, and there have been indications that, combined with complaints from suppliers, he touched a nerve at the Cabinet Office: it has now changed its plan to drop agile services from the Digital Marketplace.

Now a recording of the speech has become available. It's likely to raise a few a cheers and prompt the grinding of some teeth. Here it is.

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