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Video: Building the capabilities of GM-Connect



Eric Applewhite, programme director, GM-Connect

As the Greater Manchester devolution process begins, it’s vital that the improved information sharing required to support a new devolved Greater Manchester is proportional and effective.To that end, the team is working hard to join up the fragmented information silos and processes across the system.

Applewhite says that, although technology will be an enabler for GM-Connect, “this is not primarily a technology led initiative, but one focused on establishing the information sharing mindset, supporting processes, and engagement of residents and workers required to deliver our devolved outcomes and benefits’’. 

Starting with people and not technology is the best basis for what could be a £15 million five-year project to deliver value back to participants and the public, he explains.


Supported by Microsoft, UKAuthority and research participants from police, government and associated bodies, published a white paper, 'Digitising Policing'.

You can download a copy of the paper here.

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