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UKHSA plans Multi-Threat Dashboard for public health


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Image source: A Jackson

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is working on a new data dashboard for public health threats based on the existing model used in the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has begun an alpha phase project on the development of a Multi-Threat Dashboard, including components from the Covid-19 Dashboard, which could ultimately take over from it and provide the same functions at a lower cost.

The agency has awarded transformation consultancy Burrendo a £300,000 contract to work with it on a seven-week project.

“The Covid-19 Dashboard was a critical part of the response to the Pandemic, demonstrating benefits of providing a service to the public on an ongoing basis,” the contract notice says.

“Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 Dashboard identified opportunity to provide this facility in a more strategic mode, with full re-use of components, and for any health threat which might emerge.”

UKHSA has portrayed the existing dashboard as a great success in reporting near real time data on key indicators such as Covid-19 case rates, hospitalisations, deaths and vaccine uptake so people can see the impact of the pandemic in their local areas.

It has evolved in response to regular user surveys that have revealed what data and features people want and includes graphics such as heatmaps and other visuals.

UKHSA said: “This example demonstrates just how modelling can help us to put in place effective public health actions and advice to avert worse case scenarios and steer us towards best case scenario outcomes.”

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