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UKAuthority launches 2018 events



UKAuthority champions the public sector’s use of digital and data for the public good. From this starting point our 2018 events will focus down on data4good, AI and bots, health and care and cyber leadership

Taking part in a live event is a great way to learn and share experience, not least in the rapidly changing field of digital and data in the public sector.

UKAuthority recognises the value in public servants being able to come together, not just to listen to the views of those with a specific expertise, but to take part in a debate in which they can share views and increase each other’s understanding of how to make progress or harness the latest technologies for the public good.

Our events are run on a scale that encourages engagement and lively discussion. They accommodate 60-100 delegates, with speakers from all parts of the public sector sharing experience, advice and insights on the subject in hand; how it relates to public policy, the success stories and lessons learned, along with the possible pitfalls in implementation.

They also involve debate in which delegates are encouraged to take an active role, sharing their own perspectives, opinion and advice, for inclusion in the post event briefing note – which is then shared across the wider UKAuthority community. They provide the ideal forum for strengthening an understanding and networking with peers and potential partners.

Public Sector Cyber Forum - 20 September 2018   

As organisations adopt the new technologies they will face new challenges in cyber security. This will be the focus of UKAuthority’s conference, to take place in London on 20 September 2018, asking questions about what new threats will emerge from the IoT, big data and AI, and exploring the strategies for providing protection and long term resilience.

Data4Good - 16 October 2018         

In the autumn we follow up last year’s successful Data4Good event– well after implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. We will look at the unfolding implications of this legislation, asking does it make it harder or easier for the public sector to share sensitive information in order to improve service planning and service delivery? What are the benefits on offer? And what are the pitfalls for the unwary?

March of the Bots - 23 November 2018          

And in November we return to the world of robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence with the March of the Bots. Following on from two successful events in 2017, this will look at the latest developments and thinking on how to harness the technologies for the public good, and ask whether this is the beginning of an augmented future for the public sector.

As ever, all our events will be free to attend for public sector employees, providing a unique opportunity not just to hear about the latest perspectives, but to actively take part in the debate on how the issues should be addressed. It provides the opportunity to take part in stimulating, informative events that can increase your understanding and contribute to your organisation’s efforts to harness the potential. Here’s what some of last year’s delegates said about the UKAuthority event experience:

  • “I thought the conference was great - really passionate talks by great speakers and was great to see data spoken about with such enthusiasm, it is rare!"
  • “Excellent event - a great subject area and lots of brilliant case studies. Very topical.”
  • “The day presented, and was an excellent context, to make connections to other organisations. Thank you.”
  • “I’ve been in post for six months and I’ve learnt more today on AI than I have in all that time!”
  • “I look forward to the next one!”

Agenda and speaker details will be confirmed over the next few months, meanwhile you can reserve your place at these events via the links above.

Forward thinking suppliers wishing to partner with UKAuthority at these events can contact our publisher, Helen Olsen Bedford, for more information: [email protected] 

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