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Technology-fit for the future


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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Cloud has been much hyped in recent years but what does it actually provide? Low cost, flexibility, agility?..maybe. But does it more importantly provide an opportunity to modernise our workforces to collaborate, to join up and to innovate? And does it provide an infrastructure for pulling together big, disparate data to provide a future platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence?

When it comes to the cloud, are we really technology-fit for the future?

On the panel: 

  • Simon Clifford, Director of Digital & Data, The Police ICT Company
  • Juan Villamil, Chief Technology Officer, Department for Work & Pensions
  • Kerry Appleton-Norman, Public Sector Technology Partner, Deloitte
  • Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher, UKAuthority

To find out more you can visit Deloitte's cloud technology webpage here or contact Kerry Appleton-Norman to discuss how Deloitte can help you be technology-fit for the future.

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