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Taking steps towards Data4Good


The case for making more of data has been widely accepted in the public sector.

Almost every organisation now acknowledges the operational benefits in sharing data and the potential for valuable insights through analytics and, for the more ambitious, data science.

But there is a gap between accepting the principle and taking positive action to make it happen. Organisations face a series of barriers in attempting to harness the data they hold, and the evangelists are often frustrated in efforts to take it from a good idea to a clear course of action.

Some of the problems are technical, some in perceptions of the law and others cultural, and the solutions are not always in clear sight.

Despite this, at UKAuthority’s recent Data4Good conference there was plenty of positive thinking about what could be done to make progress.

To read more about the lessons to emerge you can download the briefing paper from here.


Download the Data4Good 2018 briefing note here.




Image from iStock, metamorworks

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