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Survey: APIs for the public good


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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UKAuthority research: How do we best unlock the full value of APIs across the health and public sector?

UKAuthority's 2019 white paper published in partnership with Cognizant, 'APIs for the Public Good', was groundbreaking in its exploration of the importance of APIs in underpinning the next generation of public services. Five years later, APIs are commonly seen as a key to integration, innovation and transformation to modern services. 

However, whilst many of the benefits identified have been delivered, some of the recommendations and findings from that report have still to come to fruition. The questions to explore now are, 'Why?' And, How do we unlock the full value of APIs for the public good?

To answer this, we are asking you to share your experience in a quick, anonymous survey. This will be followed by a series of virtual editorial round tables discussing the findings - if you would like to join one of these discussions, please add your email address to the box at the end of the survey and we will be in touch. 

NB. Some of the survey questions are direct replications from the 2019 research for comparison purposes. The survey takes approx. five minutes to complete. 

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Best regards,
Helen Olsen Bedford (publisher) & Mark Say (managing editor), UKAuthority

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