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Surrey and West Sussex fire services to share live video system


The fire and rescue services for Surrey and West Sussex are planning to share a video streaming and location finding service to be delivered by Capita.

It will be run from a control room they have shared since December 2019 as the latest step in their consolidation of the relevant digital systems.

They are to use the 999eye service, which enables callers to live stream videos directly to control room operations.

When a 999 call is received the operator will offer to send a text message with a secure, one-time-use link to open the stream without the need for an app. The software will also send the caller’s GPS co-ordinates, enabling the control room to pinpoint the location.

This helps operators to assess the incident and mobilise the response, and to provide any advice on guiding the public away from danger.

Staff are currently being trained and the system is scheduled to go live next month. The two services will use the solution to support 50 fire stations covering almost 1,400 square miles.

Evaluating risk

Dan Quin, deputy chief fire officer of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Our operators are under pressure to collect detailed information as quickly as possible from the second a call comes in. Having access to a live video stream of events as they unravel will help evaluate risk, support decision making and deliver better services to our communities.”

Jon Lacey, assistant chief officer of the West Sussex service, said: “We have been working with Surrey Fire for a year now as a joint mobilising service serving our communities. The implementation of this new live streaming feature in our control room is another example of the benefits of working together as a joint service.”

Image from Capita

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