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Stockport Council publishes new digital strategy


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Stockport Council has published a new digital strategy consisting of three pillars – digital communities, digital place and digital council.

Titled Radically Digital Stockport, it has been placed on the Digital Stockport website and is expected to evolve alongside other emerging plans such as for the local economy.

It has been developed with key stakeholders and includes a series of desired outcomes including bringing the digitally excluded online, using digital to support independence, increasing digital skills and digital working practices, providing modern digital infrastructure, boosting the tech sector and using data to design services around the people who use them.

Each element of the plan includes a number of broadbrush indications of ongoing or future projects, such as planning and roadmapping for digital infrastructure, further development of Stockport’s open data portallaunched in June of last year – developing technology partnerships for smart places and a consolidation of websites with more chatbots, online forms, automation and push notifications.

Cllr David Sedgwick, cabinet member for citizen focus and engagement, said: “Digital technologies evolve fast, and there is much about the future that we cannot predict. The digital strategy focuses on the broad outcomes around three interdependent pillars, rather than detailed delivery, as we must have the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and expectations.”

The council has invited comments and suggestions for all elements of the strategy, and is planning a series of engagement events.

At the forefront

Cllr Elise Wilson, leader of Stockport Council, said: “We want Stockport to continue to be at the forefront digitally, a place that maximises the opportunities of the digital era and makes sure that everyone is digitally included. That’s why we’re introducing our Radical Digital Strategy.

“As a council, we need and will be expected to make the most of the possibilities digital brings us, changing how we operate, engaging with residents and partners in new ways, facilitating the conditions for new emerging digital markets and delivering innovative services at the least cost to the taxpayer.

“This strategy builds on the progress we have made since initially launching our digital programme and links together our cross-cutting ambitions for digital with digital care, economy and skills.”


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