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States of Guernsey finalises digital deal with Agilisys


Mark Say Managing Editor

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States of Guernsey has signed Agilisys as its partner in a 10-year transformation programme.

The two parties have completed the deal, saying that since the company was made preferred partner in April a number of pre-contract agreements have made it possible to begin work in key areas.

As part of the arrangement, Agilisys will take responsibility for the island’s information systems and services team.

The company described it as a “£200 million opportunity to modernise IT systems and improve services through the adoption of digital technology”. It has previously indicated that it will work with local technology and infrastructure providers and deploy a range of platforms and applications from specialist providers including Microsoft.

The deal also involves supporting the development of Guernsey’s tech sector. This will include the development of digital skills and understanding for all islanders, a digital apprenticeship pilot with training provider Arch Apprentices, and the provision of a States of Guernsey Economic Development Office within the Scale Space innovation hub at Imperial College London.

Paul Whitfield, chief executive of the States of Guernsey, said: “I’m delighted to be able to sign on the dotted line today, confirming our partnership with Agilisys. The changes they will deliver in how we provide public services will make a massive difference in improving islanders experience and enabling real efficiencies.”

Image: Flag of Guernsey by Nightstallion, from Open Clip Art, CC0

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