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Smart Oxford calls for 'shared places’ ideas



Public sector partnership launches competition for proposals on new uses of technology to support smart places

The Oxford Strategic Partnership (OSP) has opened a competition for ideas on building a ‘shared city’ as part of its Smart Oxford programme.

It has put out an international call for entries, saying it wants a distinctive idea to use Oxford’s existing infrastructure to make it a “more liveable, open and collaborative city”, and that this should lead to the delivery of a project by next winter. It will involve a commission worth £30,000 with additional support and access to advisers.

Among the interpretations of the theme it has suggested are imagining the city as a system, using the data around its networks and mobility patterns. Others include connecting previously unconnected people and dealing with how different elements of the city share its space.

OSP said entrants are expected to deliver technical specifications, the project plan, budget and communication assets, and be ready to take part in events and discussions with the public and peers.

It indicated that the ideas will be assessed on how they fit into the shared city theme, the use of smart city technologies, the quality and originality of concept, feasibility on timeline and budget, track record of the entrant and the impact on the city.

The competition is open until 20 June, and the winner should be announced in August.

OSP consists of a group of organisations including Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, the University of Oxford and the Oxford Academic Health Science Network. It is running a group of smart places initiatives, including the Smart Oxford programme, aimed at dealing with environmental, transport, social and housing problems.

Image from OSP

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