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Slough Council deploys IoT sensor dashboard


Slough Borough Council has installed a digital dashboard to monitor its smart city sensor deployments.

The council has been working with two companies – Mayflower Smart Control and InTouch – on a trial of the system that will initially be used for its controllable street lighting and proactive drain management system, and which can be extended to sensors for other environmental factors.

They carried out a trial during March that has been judged a success and the council now plans to begin the deployment of sensors, initially at 20 locations, from June.

A spokesperson for InTouch said: "Slough Borough Council wanted the two technologies to sit on one dashboard, which also provides the opportunity for them to add other smart city environmental factors at a later date.

"Sharing a communications network with the streetlamps was an ideal opportunity to prove the concept with a real world application, as they are located close to the roadside gullies."

Encouraging results

Sing-Wai Yu, service manager at Slough, said: "We were very keen to start using smart city and internet of things technologies for a variety of environmental factors, for efficiency and to save money. Early results of this trial have been encouraging and we're now signing up to carry out the next phase of the trial with a view to roll out this technology across our borough.

“As a local authority, we are always looking to work with companies who offer innovation through technology, combined with significant financial savings."

Mayflower Smart Control has provided the central management system (CMS) that monitors and controls all of Slough’s lighting network, with the ability to dim profiles, switch regimes and report to the back office on factors such as energy expenditure. The CMS was deployed as part of an LED lighting upgrade programme.

InTouch SmartWater system uses IoT sensors and predictive analytics in gully management to proactively tackle road surface flooding. Previously, gully management in Slough was done with a manual inventory rota check using a paper based system resulting in instructions given to each gully team to unblock drains.

Amended to spokersperson for InTouch on 12.4.19

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