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Scotland sets up online cattle tracing system



ScotMoves provides central holding register to replace for CTS Links system as safeguard against disease outbreaks

The Scottish Government has developed a new online system for tracing movements of cattle as part of its plans to reduce the impact of any disease outbreak.

Named ScotMoves, it replaces the Cattle Tracing Systems (CTS) Links system, which is due to be closed on 31 December.

Farmers will be required to use the new system to notify a central holding register of any movements of cattle to different locations. This is aimed at making it easier to trace cattle, especially in response to the outbreak of disease or another emergency.

Under the previous system, cattle could be moved between holdings without it being recorded on a central database, as it was noted on the farmer’s own holding register.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said: “No-one wants a repeat of the devastation of the 2001 foot and mouth disease which cost our industry between £200 and £300 million.

“In the event of any disease, this new system will make sure we have quick access to high quality accurate information so we can deploy our resources effectively and better protect Scotland’s livestock from the spread of disease.

“ScotMoves will be a modern flexible system that will accommodate the changing needs of businesses while providing greater protection for individual farms and for Scotland as a whole.”

Image by Sam Wise, CC BY-SA 2.0

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