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Safeguarding our children


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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Safe and connected: effective use of digital and data can empower and connect those involved in safeguarding finds latest UKAuthority report

Keeping our vulnerable children safe is one of the most important and sensitive responsibilities of our country’s public services.

Cut out family in cupped hands

It demands a rigorous but carefully balanced approach in spotting signs of concern and making difficult judgements with far reaching implications - all the while maintaining privacy around children and their families. It also has the most potential for damage: to children’s lives, organisational reputations and a breaking of the trust between citizens and state.

Serious case reviews have repeatedly highlighted how opportunities to intervene and save a child’s life have been missed – and highlighted how often this information has been hidden deep in the data and connections for insights have been missed.

A common theme underpins the findings in these reviews: information was either not reported or not linked, enabling the perpetrators to manipulate and deceive practitioners again and again.

Technology can never replace the skills and professionalism of social workers, police and NHS staff. But it can empower them. It can give them back time, it can enable secure collaboration, it can deliver insight and analysis. It can augment the collective skills and knowledge required to keep the vulnerable safe.

UKAuthority's latest paper, generously supported by Microsoft, is now available to download below. The hope is that this paper provides ideas, insight and inspiration into how advances in technology can be harnessed in the quest to ever improve the identification and protection of children at risk.

Smart and Connected - Safeguarding our children white paper - front coverDownload 'Smart and Connected: Safeguarding our children' white paper exploring the effective use of digital and data that can empower and connect those involved in safeguarding. 

For further information on how Microsoft technologies can help with safeguarding, contact industry solution leads for local & regional government at Microsoft, Helena Zaum and Ellen Wilson.

For further information on the research contact the UKAuthority research team.

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