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Revenue Scotland signs Northgate


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Revenue Scotland has signed a £3.5 million deal with Northgate Public Services (NPS) to use its software in collecting and managing taxes under the devolved administration.

The company has indicated that, if all the options to extend are taken up, the contract could run for up to 10 years.

It is setting up a project team with the Scottish tax collection agency to define the delivery and implementation plan. It said this will focus on Revenue Scotland’s collaborative approach with stakeholders to understand what they need and deliver a user-centred service.

The initial procurement notice for the deal said it would involve introducing new features including workflow, secure communications, case management and enhanced compliance capabilities.

It is scheduled for deployment by April of next year, with a plan to use for collecting and managing taxes on land and buildings transactions, landfill and air departures.

Reflecting experience

Elaine Lorimer, chief executive of Revenue Scotland, said, “We are looking forward to working with NPS and our stakeholder community to introduce a new system that will reflect the experience we have gained over our first three years of operations.

“Our new system and partnership with NPS will enable us to continue delivering excellent public services, while helping us to achieve the strategic objectives set out in our corporate plan.”

Since being established as a non-ministerial department in 2015, Revenue Scotland has collected over £1.5 billion in total and more than £700 million in the last year.

Image from Revenue Scotland, Open Government Licence v3.0

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