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Research claims public ready for online ID verification



New certified provider for GOV.UK Verify says the public is ready to verify identities online

Research released today by one of the latest businesses to be certified as an identity provider on the GOV.UK Verify platform claims that just over half of UK citizens are ready to prove their identity online for public services, rather than by producing documents or waiting for passwords to arrive by post.

A survey carried out by pollster YouGov and published by CitizenSafe, which was set up by data intelligence specialists GB Group to provide services based on Verify, showed that 52% said that verifying their identity online anywhere and at any time was the most convenient option. This figure rose to 61% among full time workers and 64% for full time students.

It also conveyed a stronger support for the idea of accessing government services online, with 81% saying they expected to do so.

The survey took in the views of 2,088 adults questioned towards the end of January; but it was carried out online and by definition excluded people who do not use the internet.

Fighting identity theft

Suzy Thomas, head of customer experience at CitizenSafe, said: “You can now simply do everything online, whenever is most convenient. Through GOV.UK Verify, the UK Government is helping to fight the growing problem of online identity theft; it’s the first of its kind in the world, stopping criminals pretending to be you.”

GOV.UK Verify is still in the beta stage of launch, with live status for a number of central government services expected to be conferred next month.

The programme team has confirmed CitizenSafe as a certified company for providing the service this week. This follows recent announcements adding Morpho and Barclays to the list, which already included the Post Office, Experian, Digidentity and Verizon. PayPal and Royal Mail are also going through the process.

Update: The Verify team tweeted on 11 March that Royal Mail has joined the list of certified companies.

Image from CitizenSafe

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