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Renal care details added to Welsh Clinical Portal


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Image source: M. Faba

A digital summary of renal patient care has been added to the Welsh Clinical Portal.

Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) said this offers health professionals caring for people on kidney dialysis, or who have had a life-saving transplant, a frequently updated view of an individual’s renal care.

The digital renal care summary has been developed by Swansea Bay University Health Board and DHCW as part of a Welsh Government Transformation Fund project on behalf of the Welsh Renal Clinical Network.

GPs with access to the portal can view a patient’s renal diagnosis, medications supplied by the renal unit, plus clinical notes from the renal system. It also contains contact details for the patient’s renal physician, surgeon and (if relevant) details of their transplant team.

The renal team has also provided the ability for dialysis units to record medication administrations. This enables colleagues to see a list of recently given medications, where those facilities exist.

Supporting patient care

The aim is to support primary care and emergency department colleagues with information about a patient’s renal care that would otherwise be out of immediate reach.

Dr James Chess, consultant nephrologist and digital lead for the Welsh Kidney Network, said: “Kidney patients may possibly be on dialysis or be treated with specialised medications such as immunosuppressants which are usually supplied directly from the renal unit. The digital summary allows the relevant information held in Welsh renal electronic patient record to be shared with the wider clinical community and signpost clinicians on how to get renal advice tailored to the patient’s locality and health status.”

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