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Radical service redesign – "a once in a generation opportunity"


Radical service redesign – "a once in a generation opportunity"

Thompson argues that it is radical service redesign, not a reduction of frontline service provision, that will enable government to make it though the cutbacks. But to get there, what is “just technology” versus "true digital behaviour” and "proper public service reform" and how can sharing and consuming in a standard way (via platforms) help organisations to weather the storm?  

Here, Thompson busts some myths around these commonly-used terms and, using business model examples from the private sector, describes some so “disruptive”, that they can even cause social unease. But if Government is to re-engineer the way it works through technology, it’ll “need to get comfortable with being disruptive”, and organisations will need to take control of their own business model, he argues. “If we continue with our heads in the ground we will cease to become relevant".


Thompson co-authoried 'Digtiizing Government', a groundbreaking book which examines digital transformation to increase business value and improve client engagement, featuring case studies from the private and public sectors, and a detailed chronology of digital change efforts across the UK government sector.

With 22 years’ experience in public sector ICT, Thompson is Strategy Director at Methods Group, specialists in digitally-enabled public services, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, Visiting Professor at Surrey Business School and a board member of Digital Leaders and Tech UK. 

Watch videos by co-authors Alan Brown and Jerry Fishenden.

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