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Provide your perspective on cloud for integrated care


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Digital cloud
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There is a growing consensus that the effort to integrate health and social care will involve extensive use of cloud services, but it is an issue that comes with complexities and challenges – on which we’re keen to receive your perspectives.

While hyperscale cloud providers offer platforms for innovation and efficiencies, organisations have to question themselves about how well their existing processes and legacy technology can align with specific cloud services.

They have to think about barriers in the legacy estate, the balance within their future use of hybrid cloud, the linking of data from medical devices, cyber security and the split between capital and operational expenditure. In turn, these have to be aligned with the specific demands of health and social care.

A step towards understanding these issues is to share perspectives and learn from other organisations. UKAuthority and SCC are carrying out research on the issue and invite officials in all areas or health and social care to take part in a brief online survey to build a picture of problems and priorities.

It is open to officials from the NHS and relevant organisations in local and central government and the third sector. There are questions and scope for comment, providing an opportunity to influence the debate and provide perspectives for a white paper on the issue.

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