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Police ICT Company signs CACI for service management


Mark Say Managing Editor


The Police ICT Company has agreed on a £2.7 million call-off contract with US based firm CACI for IT service management (ITSM).

Police sign

It has indicated that the arrangement, set to run until March 2023, will create a service model that could be made available to police forces and other law enforcement and emergency services organisations.

The contract notice says that it involves a broad ITSM capability, with an aim to harmonise the services for individual customers as far as possible to deliver the best value. It says the scope of the services should be considered as a starting point and that the size of the contract is likely to expand over its term.

Elements include a support solution for the recently established Forensic Capability Network for police forces, which provides technology, advice and training for forensic science.

A spokesperson for the Police ICT Company, which provides technology services and advice for forces in the UK, said the contract does not create a framework agreement other forces to call-off but a managed service that they can obtain from the organisation.

“This would work by the interested organisation contacting the company and we would work with them to advise how the service could meet their requirements,” she said.


She added: “The call-off contract was awarded following a rigorous tender process and represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

“It provides a significant increase in the company’s service management capability and also demonstrates the benefit the company brings to working with major national programmes/initiatives such as the Forensics Capability Network.”

The deal reflects some of the 10 points of the service offer publicised by the organisation early this year, notably to provide proportionate service management to national programmes and live systems, and to optimise and aggregate technology contracts for policing to improve performance and value for money.

Image from iStock, Bridget McGill

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