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Police ICT Company reveals service offer


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Police ICT Company (PICTCO) has outlined 10 elements of its service to work within three prime activities.

Chief executive officer Ian Bell (pictured) said the move represents the results of the reset and rebranding of the organisation, which is owned by police forces to provide technology services, following his appointment to the role 11 months ago.

He also predicted that it would lead to PICTCO becoming a major contracting authority and delivery vehicle for policing.

First of the three pillars is to set the direction for using digital tech in policing in a partnership with the National Police Technology Council. This involves providing technical insights and leadership to define how forces can use technology to deliver the National Police Chiefs Council’s Policing Vision 2025.

Second is sourcing the deal, mainly in negotiating and managing contracts, and third is assuring the delivery by supporting major technology programmes, reducing risk and coordinating service delivery.

The 10 points of the service offer are:

  • Maintain, iterate and counsel on the national capability model, design standards and architecture.

  • Advise funding bodies on national technology needs and opportunities.

  • Horizon scan for good technology practices, providing a national perspective.

  • Identify, prioritise and support enhanced service delivery through innovative technology.

  • Procure and progress commercial opportunities, driving economies of scale.

  • Building trusting relationships with technology suppliers, stimulating the market to better meet needs.

  • Optimise, aggregate and consolidate policing technology contracts to increase performance and value for money.

  • Coordinate and support the national technical design authority, aligning initiatives to support the Policing Vision 2025 and national technology strategy.

  • Provide proportionate service management to national programmes and live systems.

  • De-risk delivery through accredited programme assurance, mobilisation support and portfolio interdependency management.

Bell commented: “We have needed to make sure we did everything right, designing the business from the foundation up, and with the full support of our national and local customers – policing.

“My view has always been that if we can get the buy-in, gain the trust and confidence in our ability, we can really begin to make a difference – and doing so in partnership is crucial. Our service proposition is testament to the hard work of at least 80 individuals, representing all of our major stakeholders, including members of the company team.

“I’m confident we now have the solid foundations on which to build a hugely successful future.”

Funding support

He added that he had secured transformation funding to support the change. In August 2018 PICTCO was awarded £1 million for the 100-day foundation phase of its transformation programme.

The organisation has already been stepping up its efforts to deliver services in line with the offering. In November it signed a deal with Motorola Solutions and Sepura for a procurement framework for TETRA devices to work with the Airwave network, and published a contract notice for a Police ICT Partner to act as a go-between for business between forces and vendors of IT equipment and software.

In an interview with UKAuthority last year, Bell emphasised the need for PICTO to carry out smarter procurement and promote collaboration between police forces while respecting their autonomy.


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