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Parliamentary group consults on Open Life Data Framework


Mark Say Managing Editor


A data framework to support efforts to build healthy life expectancy has been put out for consultation by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity (APPGL).

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Named the Open Life Data Framework, it is focused on the data infrastructure and governance mechanisms to harness datasets in public and private sectors to develop personal, population and pandemic resilience solutions.

It derives from a recommendation in the APPGL’s The Health of the Nation Strategy, published in February 2020.

The group said the framework should help researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs work out what health and health-relevant data – the latter taking in issues such as mobility, financial and environmental – can be shared to provide insights into helping people stay healthy while enhancing overall resilience at population level.

It is based on the principles and methodology of open banking, which include the real time sharing of data and use of APIs.

APPGL said it has identified three use cases to identify barriers and understand the data value chain: a focus on weight management; a healthy ageing data exchange to identify behaviours that support healthy longevity and drive healthier consumer choices; and civic data co-operatives to make use of trustworthy data. It now wants to receive details of other possibilities.

The consultation, available here, will be open until 17 September.

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