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Nursing and Midwifery Council automates supplier risk


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is preparing to automate the onboarding process and risk management for its suppliers.

It has signed up to the Rizikon Assurance tool from Crossword Cybersecurity to replace its paper based processes.

Crossword said the regulator, which has over 600 suppliers, will be able to assess and visualise the risk of each one to identify risks in its supply chain as a whole.

The tool includes an onboarding workflow, standardised questionnaires and a scalable centralised platform for the collection, review and sharing of compliance data.

It also has a scorecard module that combines data from the questionnaires with Creditsafe financial ratings to identify the risk for different aspects of each supplier and areas in the organisation that may need action to reduce the exposure. This takes in issues such as credit and data protection risks.

Complex chains

Jack Holloway, director responsible for Rizikon Assurance, commented: “There are many challenges for organisations with complex supply chains when managing third party assurance risk.

“Technology can play a key role in giving risk and compliance professionals the control and visibility they need, moving risk compliance from a siloed and reactive activity, to a connected, proactive continuous process that delivers a complete view of third-party risk.”

The NMC holds a register of 690,000 nurses, midwives and nursing associates who can practice in the UK, and supports them ensuring they have the skills need to provide care.

Image from Metaloxyd, CC BY 2.0 through flickr

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