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Northern NHS group builds shared care record



Service providers are beginning to obtain access to patient data through Great North Care Record

A group of healthcare organisations in the north of England are rolling out a shared electronic patient record as part of a broader initiative to make better use of data and technology in care.

The Great North Care Record is being developed under the Connected Health Cities (CHC) programme, which is encouraging local services to work together and emphasising the better use of healthcare data.

The record is being developed by the recently launched North East and North Cumbria grouping of the CHC, with the aim of enabling healthcare professionals to view a summary of records with the patient’s consent.

A spokesperson told UKAuthority it is already live in some parts of the North East, and will be implemented in stages around the rest of the region over the coming months.

It will be available to NHS providers including hospitals, mental health services, out-of-hours doctors and the ambulance service. The record will include information that is currently shared through phone calls and letters, and could include details of medical conditions, medication, operations, treatment, tests and next of kin or carers.

According to the project’s website it will not contain information about sensitive discussions with GPs, but will keep a record of anyone who has accessed patient data.

Patients will be able to opt out of their records being included if they desire.

Interoperability exercise

Other elements of the Connected Health Cities programme include a scoping exercise for a regional interoperability platform for health, local authorities and universities, both support direct care and research.

There is also an engagement programme with the public in the region to get a better understanding of attitudes to information sharing and consent, and the development of a regional consent model.

Speaking at the launch in September, Health and Innovation Minister Nicola Blackwood said: “This project could set an exciting precedent of working collaboratively across regions, with the potential to be replicated right across the country.”

Regional CHC groups are also being set up for Greater Manchester, North West Coast, and Yorkshire and Humber. They consist predominantly of NHS foundation trusts and clinical commissioning groups.

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