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North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to use AI in analysing activity


Mark Say Managing Editor


North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (NWAngliaFT) has begun to use the new Aurum AI platform to analyse clinical activity in an initiative with Civica.

Clinicians looking at x-rays








It has run a pilot on patient costing level data from 2019-20 which reportedly identified potential savings of £10 million per year and completed the equivalent of 13 years of traditional analysis in under 24 hours.

Among the areas identified for savings was currently unused operation theatre capacity, which could be used to clear a backlog of minor surgeries across the trust’s three sites.

NWAngliaFT has now entered a partnership with Civica in which it will use the Aurum platform with Costmaster cloud optimised software.

It can apply intelligent analysis at a granular level to provide insights on operations such as operating theatres, pharmacy and wards much more quickly than the tools the trust has been using. This can pick up variables such as the duration of operations and patients’ length of stay.

Need to increase capacity

Joel Harrison, chief finance officer at NWAngliaFT, commented: “At an unimaginably difficult time for the NHS, with resources and budgets strained, finding new and innovative ways to increase capacity through improved efficiencies is paramount.

“Alongside CostMaster, Aurum will play a critical role in supporting the long term financial stability of our trust, helping us deliver increased productivity and supporting the improvement of our overall quality of care.”

Image from Civica

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