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NHS Digital plans Tech Innovation Framework


Mark Say Managing Editor

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NHS Digital has revealed plans to create a new procurement framework for innovative technologies to support primary healthcare.

It has published a tender notice and said the Tech Innovation Framework will act as a blueprint for introducing the next generation of standards for IT systems.

The move has been made as the next stage of the GP IT Futures programme, which is aimed at increasing the use of cloud based systems in healthcare.

NHS Digital has indicated to potential suppliers to the framework that any solutions have to deliver at least six core functions: patient information maintenance, appoints management, prescribing, referral management and resource management.

They will also have to meet all the standards of the Digital Care Services catalogue, including the inclusion of open application programme interfaces.

Key step

Helen Clifton, executive director for product delivery at NHS Digital, said: “This is a key step forward on our journey to putting patients at the heart of everything we do by ensuring primary care benefits from the very latest technology.

“The new framework will introduce new solutions into the market to work alongside our current GP offer, providing greater choice and different user experiences.

“It will give GPs access to innovative solutions that feature tools they need to make their jobs easier and services which enhance the care they provide patients.”

NHS Digital said engagement work has already taken place with potential suppliers, with 36 expressing an interest in the framework plans.

Fourth launch

The Tech Innovation Framework is the fourth framework to launch under the Digital Care Services Buying Catalogue, along with the GP IT Futures and Digital First Online Consultation, Adult Social Care and Video Consultation frameworks.

A guide to the planned framework says it will not affect current services from GP system supplier, but will expand the core clinical systems available.


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