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NHS Digital opens GP data hub



Statistics on general practices become available as open data through new website

NHS Digital has created a General Practice Data Hub, currently in beta phase, as a source of statistical information on GP practices.

The central technology and information organisation for the NHS said it has begun to pull together figures that it will publish over the next six months. The first stage enables users to view statistics on the number of patients registered and the number of people working at each practice.

It also includes Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) data, containing information on the percentage of people suffering from different health conditions at practice, regional and care commissioning group level. There are also statistics on how well each practice is performing in managing chronic conditions and public health concerns.

Another section provides data on the care of people with learning disabilities, with 77 relevant indicators.

All of the information has been published under the open data licence, making it available for re-use, and there are links to open data files used to create the reports.

Accessible format

Dave Roberts, head of business and operational deliver for NHS Digital, said: “We are delighted that the GP Data Hub will bring together a wide range of NHS Digital GP statistics into an easily accessible format.

“We see this as a really great visual tool for professionals and patients who are interested in finding out statistical information about their local GP practices and hope it will encourage more people to engage with what is going on in the primary care sector.”

Image from Ocnita Info, public domain through flickr

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