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News shots …. 15 February 2017



Survey shows NHS trusts looking to AI

Nearly half of NHS trusts responding to recent round of FoI requests are investing in artificial intelligence to support self-help by patients. 43% said they are beginning to spend on the technology that includes virtual assistants, chatbots and speech recognition.

The findings came from 30 responses to freedom of information requests submitted by voice and language solutions provider Nuance Communications.

It also found 93% still had staff submitting handwritten reports and depending on traditional word processing tools for typing up electronic patient records. Also, 46% allowed staff to use mobile devices to develop patient records.


Councils neglect print in cloud transition

A mere 6% of English local authorities have implemented any form of cloud based printing, according to a survey by managed services provider Annodata.

The company submitted freedom of information requests to 79 councils, finding that 58% use cloud to some extent, but that only a handful use it for printing.

Rod Tonna-Barthet, Annodata’s chief executive officer, said: “The printed page is, undoubtedly, still an integral element for the day-to-day functions of England’s councils, but with inefficient printer estates, that often consist of many different devices, these organisations may very well be leaving themselves open to a deficiency in cost savings and productivity.”


GPs get service referral online tool

NHS Digital has developed an online tool to help GPs view service referral criteria before referring a patient to secondary care. Named the Verification of Referral Criteria, it was added to the NHS e-Referral Service last month.

After a referring clinician has shortlisted appropriate services, but prior to submitting the referral, a pop-up window is now displayed showing each shortlisted service and the following referral criteria: referrer alert; exclusions; conditions treated; suggested investigations.

Using the information provided, the referrer will be able to: ensure each service is appropriate for the patient; remove any inappropriate services without having to return to the previous screen; and proceed with the referral or return to the service selection screen.

The organisation said the tool will reduce the administrative burden on staff and lower costs.  

New landlord registration system for Scotland

A new digital application for Scotland’s register of landlords has gone live. Developed by Registers of Scotland for the Scottish Government, it is aligned with Government Digital Standards.

The Scottish Government said the application will make it much easier for anyone to search the public register of landlords, for landlords to apply for or renew their registration, and for local authorities to maintain the register in their areas.


Image from Imperial College NHS Trust

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