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NCSC consolidates malware and ransomware guidance


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) had updated and pulled together its guidance on mitigating against malware and ransomware attacks.

It said the two pieces of guidance have been pulled into one because the separation had confused some users, and that the malware advice has been made more up-to-date.

NCSC highlighted an increased emphasis on the importance of offline back-ups as a defence against ransomware, in response to recent incidents in which online back-ups were encrypted and ransomed together the rest of the data.

Other elements cover preventing malware being delivered to devices, preventing malicious code from running on devices, and limiting the impact of infection and enabling a rapid response.

The guidance also includes steps to take if an organisation has been infected with malware. These include immediately disconnecting infected devices from also network connections, consider whether to turn off Wi-Fi networks, reset credentials including passwords, safely wipe the devices and reinstall the operating system.

Some of the more technical content has also been removed.

Image from NCS, Open Government Licence v3.0


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