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National Highways deploys pavement asset system


Mark Say Managing Editor

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National Highways has implemented a new digital pavement asset management system as part of its Digital Roads Strategy.

It has deployed P-AMS, a customised model of TRL Software’s cloud based iROADS platform for infrastructure assets, to replace its HAPMS platform.

This has been developed to comply with the organsiation’s Asset Management System Strategy and support cross-asset data access and analysis and its new data model.

It will support the management of a road pavement network over 7,250km in length and worth over £82 billion.

National Highways’ senior responsible owner for the project, Jason Glasson, commented: “The new system was developed to align with our emerging asset management system strategy. This will ensure the new system supports cross-asset data access and analysis, and the company’s new data model.

“This approach means the new system will meet our needs right now, while maintaining a level of flexibility to adapt to new and emerging needs in the rapidly changing digital world.” 

Access to insights

TRL’s strategic ventures director, Paul Zanelli, said: “The main benefit of P-AMS iROADS is that it provides quicker and simpler access to insights about the road network, improving day-to-day decision making and reducing time wasted trying to get hold of data.

“This, in turn, leads to accelerated strategic decisions, allowing for improved operational efficiency, accurate forecasting, and quantifiable decisions for the National Highways team.”

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