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MoD to build team to boost Army AI capability


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed plans for a specialist team to support a ‘human centric’ approach to the Army’s application of AI technologies.

It has provided details in a contract award notice with IT and management consultancy Montvieux, set to run until the end of August and valued at £3.8 million, to support Project Black Opal.

It says that Project Black Opal – managed by the Army Futures Directorate – will involve applying new technology and data exploitation to give the Army an advantage, bring together an SME ecosystem to align commercial innovations with military applications, build up the relevant skills of service personnel, and demonstrate the importance of data to the Army and how it can use AI in action.

“Black Opal will build a specialists team to drive a human centric approach to the application of AI, using data driven decision making capability,” the notice says.

“Black Opal will formalise a quantifiable and measurable approach to continuously addressing evolving adversarial threats, with novel solutions. It will do so in alignment with ambitious, safe and responsible AI governance.”

Montvieux currently provides little detail on its activities on its website or LinkedIn page, although it has previously won business in the defence sector with a contract last year to support de-risking in the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory’s ODYSSEY programme.



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