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MoD supports cyber security careers for veterans


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced plans to work with TechVets on training people leaving military service for careers in cyber security and technology.

It said it will collaborate with the not-for-profit venture, which specialises in the field, after they signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

The agreement will look to increase the numbers of cyber veterans, by having TechVets work with the MoD’s Career Transition Partnership, which provides service leavers with training and education opportunities whilst transitioning out of the armed forces.

Minister for Defence People and Veterans Tobias Ellwood said: “Veterans have unique skills and experiences, gained from their time in the armed forces, which means they contribute a lot to society.

“It’s fantastic that TechVets will provide opportunities for veterans to apply their considerable talents to the cyber security field, which is playing an increasingly vital role in keeping this country safe.”

Low percentages

The MoD said that currently only 4% of veterans are working in tech and cyber, compared to 24% of non-veterans.

The Armed Forces Covenant delivery partners include businesses and trade bodies, charities and community organisations, local authorities and government departments. Signatories tailor their own pledges to support the community and implement these promises through their choice of policies, services, and projects.

TechVets has made a number of pledges, including working with the MoD’s Career Transition Partnership to provide training and employment for veterans in technology and cyber security sectors of the economy, and supporting their employees’ service as members of the reserve forces by accommodating their training and deployment.

Image:Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood and TechVets co-founder Mark Milton sign the Armed Forces  Covenant.

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