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MoD plans increase in interoperability gateways


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is aiming to increase the number of ‘interoperability gateways’ for sharing classified information with its partners.

It has indicated a need to step up its efforts with a call for an industry partner to work with its Deployed Services Platform Services Team over the next two years.

This comes from a recognition that its programme team is under-resourced and needs technical, project and service management support to develop its interoperability services and look to take the gateways into its service operations.

The MoD has a plan to incrementally increase the number of interoperability gateways, which support its work with other organisations nationally and internationally. They apply to services including email, webchats, the use of Sharepoint and secure voice and video teleconferencing.

There are several projects at different stages within the overall programme, and the MoD has said they need varying degrees of support, strategic guidance and an assurance function with a prime contractor.

Image from Harland Quarrington/MOD, OGL v1.0

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