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Mid and South Essex Health and Care deploys cloud platform for information campaigns

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Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership has gone live with an integrated communications solution to support its public health campaigns.

The organisation, a partnership of the all the NHS organisations and councils responsible for health and wellbeing for Mid and South Essex, completed the implementation of Granicus’ govDelivery in September.

It has begun to use the cloud based platform to engage with its subscriber base on health and social care topics — with campaigns targeted to staff, stakeholders, and partners in the community — and indicated it will also be used to create and distribute several newsletters in the local area.

As of first of July 2022, Mid and South Essex will become an integrated care system (ICS), joining with other organisations within the region and sharing a communications directive, which will be supported by the govDelivery platform.

James Sharp, digital media and marketing manager at Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership said: “We were drawn to the Granicus govDelivery platform because it’s tailored for the public sector, along with the analytics and the results it provides.

“We find its functionality is much more pointed towards our needs as an organisation. We wanted to engage with a wider demographic amongst our residents by offering them a choice of how they wanted to be communicated with; whether that’s by email, website or mobile notification.”

Research capability

Granicus said the partnership is also one of the first UK customers to utilise its Granicus Experience Group (GXG) service, an in-house team that conducts audience research to create targeted digital messaging campaigns.

It is supporting a winter 2021-22 campaign in which residents can sign up for winter alerts. Through this, subscribers will get a weekly email with health advice.

As a next step, Mid and South Essex is looking to expand its platform to include weather alerts and advice based on data shared with the organisation directly by the Met Office, as well as also looking at fresh ways to engage with subscribers through a new podcast service.

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