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MHRA releases app for medicine alerts



New mobile app gives clinicians and patients greater access into the Yellow Card Scheme

The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched a mobile app to increase participation by clinicians and patients in the Yellow Card Scheme.

The scheme is run by the MHRA to monitor the safety of medicines and vaccines in the UK, collating and reviewing reports of suspected adverse reactions.

The Yellow Card app gives users access to the relevant information and allows them to report any potential problems.

Its features include the ability to create a watch list of medications for which to receive official news and alerts; view numbers of Yellow Cards received by the MHRA for medicines of interest; receive an immediate response that shows a card has been accepted; submit updates to cards already submitted; and view previous cards submitted through the app.

George Freeman, the minister for life sciences, said: “It takes the system firmly into the digital age, making it even more accessible for health professionals, patients and carers alike. That ability is important because it helps the MHRA to detect potential safety issues and take the necessary action to keep patients safe.”

The app was developed with the Innovative Medicines Initiative WEB-RADR project, a public-private partnership involving several European organisations, and has been made available through the iTunes App Store and Google Playstore to supplement the existing Yellow Card website.


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