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Met Police launch MiPS tender



Met Integrated Policing Solution will have to pull together information from a series of systems

London's police service has gone to market for an integrated software package that would pull together various elements of its information systems.

In what amounts to one of the largest IT procurements for UK policing, and possibly an indication of where similar procurements for other forces could go, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has posted a tender notice for the Met Integrated Policing Solution (MiPS). It has projected that the contract would run for 10 years and could be worth anything between £80 million and £150 million.

The tender document says that, while being a commercial off-the-shelf product, the solution should be able to pull together information on investigations, custody, intelligence and case management for the Metropolitan Police.

Among the features listed in the primary scope of services are third line support for call handling and management, data migration from existing systems, development of application programme interfaces, and a mobility option – although MOPAC has said that the latter has to meet some high expectations. It does not include a precise specification on mobile technology, indicating that the Metropolitan Police is keeping its options open in the area with the rapid development of devices such as body-worn video cameras.

Hosting options

The document outlines two options for hosting: a mandatory one to do so through data centres nominated by the Met; and one for secure data centre hosting that would allow for a move to the cloud if deemed appropriate.

It also points to the Met's need for operational support on a number of specialist policing functions, including major crime, homicide, kidnap and surveillance processes, along with biometrics, digital forensics and management of troubled families.

Last month MOPAC awarded a five year, £40 million contract to Accenture to upgrade and rationalise the IT applications for the force.

Image from Metropolitan Police Service

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