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Managing digital complexity in a crisis



How do we harness the hybrid cloud in response to Covid-19 and to plan for long term resilience?

Download the UKAuthority & Rackspace white paper: Managing digital complexity in a crisis

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Speed has been of the essence in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this applies to digital initiatives as much as any other public service efforts.

Organisations have had to react quickly in setting up solutions to support the delivery of services in lockdown, to help the health services deal with the massive influx of infected patients, and to encourage the public to provide crucial data on the spread of the coronavirus.

This has been and remains a major challenge, as these solutions have to tap into highly complex collections of processes, information flows and digital systems, often dispersed between on-premise, private and public cloud platforms. This complexity has to be unravelled so the systems can be reconfigured, with the scope to scale up the solutions to meet the surge in demand.

This paper, in partnership with Rackspace Technology, throws a spotlight on the issues, with examples of how some public sector bodies have  responded, filled gaps in their capabilities and shown a long term potential for rapid reconfigurations of how they work


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