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Luton Council develops Social Progress Index


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Luton Social Progress Imperative in text
Image source: Luton Borough Council

Luton Borough Council has developed a Social Progress Index as a tool to provide data on social issues within its borders.

It has carried out the project in collaboration with the US based non-profit organisation Social Progress Imperative.

The index, which sits on the council’s website, is built on the Tableau Public platform and made up three parts – basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity – each containing groups of indicators to provide insights into social issues at ward level.

Range of indicators

Contents include interactive maps, statistics and charts on a wide range of indicators such as home ownership, poverty levels, health and wellness factors, environmental quality and access to communications.

It also provides an overall SPI score to show how wards compare with each other and whether progress is being made year-on-year.

The council said the SPI can be used by charities, businesses and other organisations to assess the effect of their efforts.

It also supports the authority’s Luton 2040 ambition to make the town a place where everyone can thrive.


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