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LOTI aims to enter new areas of innovation


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) is aiming to make more use of non-digital innovation tools and methods.

Director Eddie Copeland has revealed the plan in a blogpost, saying it marks an evolution of the organisation, which has so far focused on innovation for public services through technology and data.

“Our proposal is to expand our offer so that we’re resourced to additionally provide a larger suite of innovation capabilities and build them across the local government community,” he said.

This would involve working as an innovation partner in areas such as identifying outcomes for service teams and helping to develop skills and partnerships, and building innovation foundations for London through spreading relevant skills and knowledge.

Copeland cited behavioural science as an example of new areas in which it could become involved, and topics such as net zero, housing and social care in which it could potentially provide value.

Shaping strategy

LOTI is now planning to speak with its members to shape a three-year strategy to be published in July and exploring the possibilities to increase its funding.

“If we’re really to address London’s big challenges, we must also embrace a wider set of non-digital innovation tools and methods that have huge potential in their own right and which can also augment what can be done with tech and data,” Copeland said.

The organisation will continue to provide all of current functions in working with the boroughs’ chief digital and information officers on digital and data projects.

LOTI was founded in 2019, is supported by London Councils and has 24 of the city’s boroughs as members.

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