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Liverpool and Salford team up in SAP project


City councils aim to build regional platform with potential for replication in other parts of the country

Liverpool and Salford City Councils have begun to work together on developing their use of SAP platforms, in an effort to find efficiencies and build a model that could be used by other local authorities.

The company said the two North-West councils are developing new solutions alongside the ERP capabilities at the core of the business suite. Both are working on their own secure networks, but collaborating on the various initiatives for planning capabilities and user-friendly services.

Darren Hunt, SAP’s director of public sector for UK and Ireland, said the move is directed at minimising costs and increasing efficiency, while indicating it could give the company a higher profile in the region.

“By working together, Liverpool and Salford can collectively build a powerhouse of SAP knowledge in their region which will help deliver efficiencies for both cities,” he said.

“Critically, SAP S/4HANA solutions will support the delivery of new digital services providing more accurate, real time information to facilitate better informed and more timely decision making, improved forecasting and to unlock cost savings at every turn.”

The project creates the potential for a technology platform that could be replicated in other parts of the country.

Paul Dennett, Salford’s mayor, said: “This collaboration provides an exciting opportunity for us to maintain the quality of frontline services and at the same time develop a technology platform that could support the wider economic growth in our regions.”

Image: Liverpool skyline, public domain from Wikimedia

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