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Leeds signs Sabio for customer surveys


Leeds City Council has signed Sabio to provide a real time customer satisfaction surveying solution to support its Voice of the Customer programme.

It plans to use the company’s automated Bright Navigator post-call survey tool to capture customer feedback, provide extended intelligence on satisfaction levels, and harness insights for optimising customer engagement.

This follows a pilot project in the council’s housing, council tax and benefits departments, during which the software demonstrated the impact that wait times were having on customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

The council also used Bright Navigator to develop an evidence based approach towards improving performance at an optimal cost, and now plans to deploy it across all key customer facing activities.

Ann Johnson, Leeds’ customer service resourcing manager, said: “We’re constantly working to fine tune contact centre performance, to secure operational efficiencies while carefully balancing the requirement to deliver high quality services to our growing and ageing population.

“Using Sabio’s Bright Navigator cloud application we’ve been able to show precisely how factors such as wait times and first contact resolution directly impact the customer experience.

“This has helped us to build a clear business case around securing additional contact centre headcount, and the solution also provides valuable benchmarking capability - so that we can track our ongoing performance and measure how the council is performing within a broader sector-wide context.”

The cloud based solution provides automated post-call surveys, broken down to team and agent level, with results available in real time. This allows the precise analysis of CSAT scores by department and individuals which can be used to influence staff behaviour in delivering services.

Image by David Dixon, CC BY-SA 2.0

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