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Leeds plans for shared service cloud


Hybrid model to be made available to wider public sector in the city

Leeds City Council is aiming to set up a shared cloud platform for the area’s public sector organisations, with the aim of getting it into service by the end of May next year.

It has launched a procure through its City (Shared) Strategy Architecture and Commissioning (CSAC) function, outlining a requirement for hardware and software infrastructure, along with the associated business services.

The document indicates that the platform is expected to run on a hybrid cloud, with elements in the council’s existing data centre and others on a public cloud, with a separate requirement for back-up in a commercially operated data centre.

The council says that, while it is leading the procurement, the platform will be available to other partners across the city, emphasising the role of health organisations, and that it could potentially be extended to the third sector.

“This will ensure best returns for all parties by establishing a set of generic shared service components based on achieving business outcomes,” the document says.

Image: Leeds City Hall by Steve Cadman, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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