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Leeds City Council launches location service for protected trees


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Leeds City Council has launched an online mapping service showing all of the tree preservation orders in place across the city.

It said the system enables searches by address or postcode and has been developed with a feature to work on smartphones with location software to locate nearby protected trees.

It has been user tested by council officers and external professional tress contractors. The latter will now be able to use it to check on protected trees on sites where they are working.

Leeds’ executive member for the environment and active lifestyles, Councillor Mohammed Rafique, said: "We are very pleased to have launched this new online mapping service, which gives immediate location information on all trees with protection orders in place across Leeds.

“This will help anyone who is unsure to be able to check the position easily and quickly, and will help all gardeners and professionals who work around trees every day with the result being better protection for our environment.

"Leeds values its trees which contribute greatly to the amenity of the city as a whole. They help improve wellbeing, control climate through carbon and pollutant capture, provide shading, wind reduction and flood control, as well as offering food and habitat to a wide range of wildlife.”

In addition to the 21,00 tree preservation orders across the city, there are 79 conservation areas offering protection to large numbers of trees.

Image by Tim Green, CC BY 2.0

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